Zeus Goin To Jail – Wut U Got On My 40 Homie?

Tommy Lister (aka Zeus in the WWF, Z Gangsta in WCW, and his most epic of all roles….Deebo from Friday) is probably going to live up to the Deebo character as he is facing prison time for mortgage fraud. Him and his homie g’s from south of the gum wrapper withdrew over a million dollars in cash home-equity loans that he didn’t pay back. As part of the plea bargain him and his boys plead guilty and admitted they conspired to take out four mortgages on houses in LA using fake records. The fraud is valued at up to 5.7 million dollars and after the banks resold the homes, they took a loss in excess of 2.6 million.

Mortgage fraud carries a max 5 years in prison……

Heres looking at you bro!

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