The Rock WALKS OFF THE JOB?!?! (Retracted)

The Rock appears to have taken his ball and gone home. For the second time ever Brock Lesnar has driven a major star out of WWE. There is rumored to be hell, fire, brimstone, and panic backstage at RAW this afternoon. A major angle that was set to take place was The Rock opening the show with a promo about losing the WWE title to John Cena following which Brock Lesnar was to confront and beat down on The Rock to lead up to the main event of WrestleMania 30.

Evidently, The Rock never showed up to RAW and Vince along with the writing team and producers are going nuts trying to rewrite the event.

He clearly appears to have taken his ball and gone home the same was Stone Cold Steve Austin did when Vince wanted him to job out to Brock prior to King of the Ring 2002. Yeah, the match sucked and there was a lot of botches, yeah it was predictable and boring but at the end of the day The Rock got a huge payday. On the flip-side, he does not really need WWE’s money so if he does not feel his character is built or maintained properly why shouldn’t he bounce? To play devils advocate, however, wouldnt The Rock be concerned about his brand and his work ethic being tarnished by just walking off the job? Lots of different ways to debate this.

If I were The Rock, I certainly would not want to work with much less get my ass kicked on a RAW by Brock Lesnar. There are not many people in the business I respect less than Brock. That is, however, another discussion for another day. Headlines »
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