My Experience Signing Up For WWE Network

Hey everyone,

I have read all the reports of bugs with the WWE Network, just wanted to give my early experience.

At about 4pm PST I tried signing up. Of course I had to go through the “workaround” of buying the network as a gift to sign up through After this, I was able to sign up.

My Apple TV signed right in. I was able to on demand stream a recent RAW but not WrestleMania 17. It also took me a couple of tries to go live on the network. But I did not miss any of the pre-show for RAW.

The video quality is pretty damn good. My Apple TV is hardwired to my router and my connection is a 50mbps Comcast cable connection so I am getting full HD resolution. I do like how it is similar to Netflix in the sense that the quality adjusts on demand and the video resolution will lower and clear up based on traffic. This is better than it stopping altogether to buffer.

Also, the backstage “argument” between Christian and Sheamus was cute. Looks like they are taking a page out of TNA’s book with the “candid camera.”

All in all, I expected problems. Anyone that didn’t is ignorant to big tech rollouts like this. Headlines »
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